Leadership & Development: Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence
This introductory workshop challenges the learner to apply the necessary building blocks of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in order to become more emotionally competent, but also to look honestly at themselves and how they relate to others in the work environment. This provides the inside look at the benefits of EI and helps you create a roadmap for future development.
July 18th | 9:00am PDT | FREE

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Seven Steps to Build a Successful Business
Creating a vision of where you want your business to be is the first part of getting there. At this webinar you'll learn how to develop a really effective growth strategy. You'll develop a clear business vision, learn how to strategize carefully and grow your business.
July 25th | 11:00am PDT | FREE

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Leadership & Development: Managing Remote & Virtual Teams
The workforce is global and a Managing Remote and Virtual team is a critical skill set for management. With organizations able to reach internationally through a virtual environment, having key personnel close to your customers is more important than ever. Keeping these remote and virtual teams part of your organization and managing their work effectively means adapting your management style to this new reality.
August 15th | 9:00am PDT | FREE

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Modern Manners for Today's Business World
How Social Skills Can Advance Your Career. In a world of high-powered technology, many wonder if social skills and the display of good manners in the workplace are quaint, hopelessly "last century" concepts. After all, we've got work to do! Many believe that such "niceties" are a costly waste of time and energy. The truth is that, because of technology and the pressures of the 24-7 global workplace, respect and consideration for others are more critical than ever. The display of empathy and civility actually saves careers and companies in an otherwise virtual, impersonal, often soul-less work environment. This webcast explores why social skills are as important—arguably even more important—than they have ever been, and provides useful advice and skills that you can immediately put into action.
September 20th | 9:00am PDT | FREE

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