How High Can You Go? How To Manage Legal And Illegal Drug Use In The Workplace
In this era of legalized marijuana and an ongoing opioid crisis, how can companies manage employees that may be using these or other drugs? Learn how to recognize impairment and implement policies that may reduce risk and create a safer work environment.
July 26th l 11:00am PST l Members: FREE, Non-members: $39

Profit Matters Webinar – What Now? The Wayfair Decision and Its Effect on Your Sales Tax Exposure
While business leaders are still trying to understand tax reform, the Supreme Court’s recent Wayfair decision throws them another curveball. What does this decision mean for your business? This complimentary webinar will clarify the impact of the decision on private businesses and outline steps to navigate the new, more complicated sales tax landscape.
August 14th l 11:00am PST l Members: FREE, Non-members: $39

DTC Webinar – Discover New Digital Opportunities with Clickable Paper
Augmented Reality is a hot topic, and this webinar will show you how you can use it to provide more value to your customers and generate new revenue in the process. Print providers must differentiate their businesses to beat the competition and Visual Search Technology will allow you to enhance traditional printed pieces to connect end users with digital content. Just by pointing a smartphone or tablet at a printed piece, users can be immersed in a digital experience.
Augmented reality helps your printed materials live longer, adding more value to the standard printed page. Being able to provide this added value to your customers will ultimately earn you more long-term business.
August 15th l 11:00am PST l Members: FREE, Non-members: $39

DTC Webinar – El Toro: Winning Online Consumers Through Offline Communication
El Toro is revolutionizing print and digital advertising through its distinct approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses. Our team has made it possible to combine the accuracy of direct mail targeting with the modern effectiveness and assertiveness of online advertising. El Toro is able match physical addresses with IP addresses at a 95% or greater confidence level, all while operating 100% cookie-free. El Toro enables its clients to reach their consumers directly in their homes, both in their mailboxes and across all of their devices.
August 22nd l 11:00am PST l Members: FREE, Non-members: $39

PIFE Webinar—6 Reasons Why Companies Should Consider An ESOP
Outlining the usage and often overlooked benefits of an ESOP for shareholders of privately owned companies. Understand why and how to use an ESOP as a partial or complete exit strategy or liquidity event, while dispelling common misconceptions.
August 23rd l 11:00am PST l Members: FREE, Non-members: $29

2018 InterTech Award Recipients—Innovations And Impact
Graphic communications technology is changing at a whirlwind pace and creating new services, efficiencies, and in no small way, the future of the industry. Since 1978 the InterTech Technology Awards have been a bellwether of the changes taking place as they have recognized innovative technology poised to have a significant impact on the industry. For example, PDF-based workflow was recognized in 1999 and web-to-print technology in 2010. This year a handful of new technologies have been honored. This session looks at the recently honored technologies and what makes them so innovative.
September 6th l 11:00am PST l Members: FREE, Non-members: $29

How To Gain A Competitive Advantage And Increase Profits With Lean Sales
In today's new reality as much as 70% of the buying decision may be completed before your salesperson and a buyer connect. Your sales team and the people and process that support it must adjust to this new reality. Synchronizing your sales process to the buying process and eliminating wasted activities will move prospects quickly through the pipeline for increased revenue and profits. The improved process will also open new opportunities for a broader range of services.
September 20th l 11:00am PST l Members: FREE, Non-members: $29


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