The Art of Business Improv: Embrace Change and Lead Dynamic Teams
Learn How Improvisation Can Positively Impact Every Business Situation This high-energy, interactive session demonstrates the tenets of improvisation and how they link to business in an incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking way. Delivered by Chicago-trained elite improv veteran (and author of Getting to "Yes And": The Art of Business Improv) Bob Kulhan, you'll discover how Business Improv® techniques strengthen a skill set directly related to team trust, communication, creativity & innovation, influence, networking, adaptive problem solving, and conflict management. Improvisation thrives at the moment when strategy meets execution. It works because this approach addresses real-world business challenges. Bob's secret recipe combines the psychology behind decision-making with the very best aspects of our own brand of customized, high-energy, experiential learning, which drives measurable and sustainable ROI.
May 24th | 9:00am PDT | FREE

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Free Webinar Series: Live coaching on money, clients and leadership
You are invited to attend and participate in a unique series of live webinars where the real issues you face in your business are addressed through a real-time coaching conversation with one of the creative industry's most powerful and sought after business coaches.

June 1st | 11:00am PDT | FREE ($45 Non-Member)

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10 Great Negotiation Tips for IT Managers
IT managers, Project Managers and others in IT leadership roles negotiate with vendors about price, delivery dates, service levels, and a myriad of other topics. They also negotiate with their business users on everything from budget to software application features. As a result, negotiation skills are a key element of both IT organizational success and individual professional career development.

This webinar provides ten great negotiation tips on how to deal with difficult negotiation topics.
June 13th | 8:00am PDT | FREE

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How to Inspire and Energize Your People Every Day
Executive coach Kristi Hedges spent years studying exactly what inspiring leaders do differently. Informed by quantitative research and thousands of responses from leaders at all levels, she has determined the core tenets of inspiring communication. In this webcast, Kristi will uncover how anyone can become an inspirational leader, dispelling common myths that get in the way of motivation and engagement.
June 14th | 9:00am PDT | FREE

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Modern Manners for Today's Business World
How Social Skills Can Advance Your Career. In a world of high-powered technology, many wonder if social skills and the display of good manners in the workplace are quaint, hopelessly "last century" concepts. After all, we've got work to do! Many believe that such "niceties" are a costly waste of time and energy. The truth is that, because of technology and the pressures of the 24-7 global workplace, respect and consideration for others are more critical than ever. The display of empathy and civility actually saves careers and companies in an otherwise virtual, impersonal, often soul-less work environment. This webcast explores why social skills are as important—arguably even more important—than they have ever been, and provides useful advice and skills that you can immediately put into action.
September 20th | 9:00am PDT | FREE

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