Over the past 20 years PIASC's expert sales tax assistance has probably saved us tens of thousands of dollars.

Ryan McDonald, CEO, Southwest Offset Printing

PIASC Events & Functions- I'll admit that when I first joined PIASC I thought the events would be a real yawner but after attending my first event I found myself trying to find as many local PIASC events as I could. The Cocktails and Conversations are a lot of fun, informative and the food is fantastic. Print is clearly not dead- the PIASC events are proof of that!

Jeff Salisbury, President, Label Impressions, Inc

The value I receive from the content in the PIASC Weekly Update is worth much more than the cost of PIA membership.

John Hodgman, President, Direct Connection

As a member of PIASC, we are saving lots of money taking advantage of UPS. This year for example we've saved an overall of 23%. It sure pays to be a member of the Association.

Brenda Scroggins, Account Manager, Boss Litho

…Although not the most pleasant of things to deal with, AGA makes the whole process much more organized and efficient. The AGA Dashboard (their website is fantastic!) Thanks for the upgrade in services.

Andy Scheidegger, President, Continental Colorcraft

Our company truly benefits from PIASC membership! Just by using Prudential Overall Supply shop towel program, we are saving a minimum of 30%—a lot more than what we pay in membership dues. Being members is an investment not an expense.

Paul Yoo, General Manager, Colorcom, Inc.

I see PIASC Cocktails and Conversations as "fun business" after 5:00 p.m. Nowadays everybody is busy so it's difficult to secure appointments. At C & C you have the opportunity to be one-on-one with clients and prospects in a more relaxing environment. The venues and food are always great; the conversations are exceptional and you walk away having met valuable contacts and potential customers. I always look forward to the next event. It's not who you know—it's who knows you!

Roberto Lopez, Konica Minolta

The UPS discount program gives us a 181% ROI on our PIASC dues.

Joseph F. Straw, CFO, A & G Engraving, Inc.

PIASC, its services, Member Discounts and staff, are an exceptional and salient part our team.

Jesse Lobato, Senior Account Executive, Automation Printing

Year after year, PIASC saves us around 20% on our health insurance bills. For us, the dramatically lower rates on health insurance make membership a must.

Ryan McDonald, CEO, Southwest Offset Printing

When difficult HR issues come up, we call PIASC for input. Whether they have an answer or their answer is 'talk to your attorney,' their advice has saved us many thousands of dollars.

Darlin Cordero, HR Manager, Lithographix, Inc.

Our employees often tell us how much they appreciate their credit union membership. Many are taking advantage of the free checking that comes with direct deposit, and the great deals that the credit union offers on auto loans are very popular, too.

Eddie Audelo, Controller, Monarch Litho, Inc.

PIASC saves us 50% on our required harassment training classes.

Darlin Cordero, HR Manager, Lithographix, Inc.

For all of our operations open positions, we've always turned to PIASC as our first resource for finding qualified and experienced skilled individuals. We just hired our Prepress operator from the PIASC job board. PIASC makes recruiting much easier since it is specialized for our industry.

Any Tosounian, CFO, Impress Communications, Inc.

We took advantage of the PIASC classified ads when we wanted to sell our used equipment, and having it published online and in the weekly publications has been a huge advantage for us. It is a win/win for us and has helped increase our outreach to potential customers.

Bill Kern, President, Precise Asset Liquidations Services

I like to stay informed about government issues that affect my business, but I only have so much time in the day to keep up with things. That's why I appreciate the PIC Government Affairs Watchdog. I get all the information I need in one handy monthly newsletter.

Jan Springer, President, Jantex Inks & Beyond/IRT Division

We put the PIASC logo on everything—our letterhead, email signatures, website, brochures, delivery trucks, etc. That logo announces to the world that we're a reputable company that deals with our clients with honesty and integrity.

Paul Valencia, Senior Vice President, Meridian Graphics, Inc.

While still in the early stages the label and packaging resources available to PIASC members are top notch. As a label converter I've made new connections with lithographic printers and gained valuable insight into the offset world and what is happening there. Offset members have a lot to gain as well by participating in the Label and Packaging events offered by PIASC.

Jeff Salisbury, President, Label Impressions, Inc.

PIASC's regulatory compliance assistance, educational programs and expert advice have been invaluable for my business.

Denny Shorett, CEO, Crown Printers

When the SCAQMD said our VOC recordkeeping was inadequate, PIASC came out and solved the problem for us.

David Overgaard, COO, BurdgeCooper

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