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The International Printing Museum

IPMThe International Printing Museum in Southern California is a dynamic museum that takes one of the world's most significant collections of antique printing machinery and brings it to life through working demonstrations and theatre presentations. Since 1988, over 250,000 visitors have toured the museum, learning about the history of books and printing, great inventions and inventors that have changed our world. The Printing Museum has been recognized worldwide for its importance and size, and for the successful and creative approach it takes in interpreting its collection to a general audience. Thanks to RAISE Foundation, graphic arts teachers can take advantage of educational programs such as the Museum's.

The Museum is currently offering three educational programs:



A two hour tour combining a detailed presentation in the Museum’s gallery followed by the Inventive Dr. Franklin Show in the Museum’s Heritage Theatre. Appropriate for all ages.



Students will enter into Independence Hall to become delegates of the original 13 colonies; with the help of Dr. Benjamin Franklin they will begin to debate the ideas that might, or might not, go into the Constitution. Following the signing of that great document, students will enjoy a tour of the Museum’s gallery with an emphasis on how printing has shaped and formed our freedom. Appropriate for 5th grade and above.

MuseumWheels1When Teachers and students can't make it to the Printing Museum, we bring the Museum to them! Elementary School Children enjoy the charismatic Benjamin Franklin when he visits over 200 schools per year through RAISE Foundation’s Matching Grant.

The Printing Museum's innovative outreach program consists of a trailer exhibit containing a working, colonial-printing shop, which goes directly to schools to explore the 5,000-year history of books and communication. The trailer is covered with beautiful graphics to capture the students' imagination.

museumwheels2After experiencing the trailer exhibit, students meet Ben Franklin who entertains them with stories of his life in colonial America, his many inventions and discoveries, and his role in forming our nation. Franklin brings his static electrical generator, inviting students to participate in many experiments. Franklin and the History in Motion program aim to ignite students' minds with the wonders of science, invention, and the graphic arts.

PIASC members wanting to bring the Museum to a school in their community should contact Mark Barbour at 714.529.1832 or Lou Caron 323.728.9500 Ext. 274

Visit the International Printing Museum's website for fees and additional information.

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