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READ, READ, READ… The more you read, the more you know; and the more you know, the smarter you grow!!

The PIASC/RAISE Literacy Campaign—a project geared to promote the importance of reading in young people—was established in 2004, when an alarming report released by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) showed that the number of non-reading adults had increased by more than 17 million between 1992 and 2002.

Moreover, the findings showed that:

  • Fewer than half of Americans over the age of 18 read novels, short stories, plays, or poetry
  • The consumer pool for books of all kinds had diminished
  • The pace at which the nation was losing readers, especially young readers, was quickening.

For this reason, PIASC/RAISE Foundation, with the collaboration of Best Label, Castle Press, Grafico, Inc., MAN Roland, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation and the Graphic Arts Literacy Alliance, initiated a campaign that consisted of whimsical and colorful bookmarks, encouraging the young and those not so young to READ.

What is really exciting is the fact that the NEA's most recent report entitled Reading on the Rise: A new Chapter in American Literacy documents a definitive increase in rates and numbers of American adults who read literature. This new growth reverses two decades of downward trends cited previously in NEA reports such as Reading at Risk and To Read or Not To Read. Reading on the Rise is based on early results from the 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts.

CLICK HERE to read 'thank you' notes we have received from teachers and librarians.

For more information, please contact Maribel Campos at 323.728.9500, Ext. 210 or by email at maribel@piasc.org.

Here's a look at the bookmarks produced (click to see enlarged and backside):

In 2016, for example, we printed over 214,000 bookmarks in response to an avalanche of requests from local librarians and teachers who had heard of our program from colleagues. By the end of the summer, bookmarks—designed by graphic communications students—were sent to 303 public libraries and 111 elementary and middle schools in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Kern County!

The top three bookmarks for 2017 can be viewed on the right. First Place went to Jose Saavedra of East Los Angeles Occupational Center. Second Place went to Mark Lopez of East Los Angeles Occupational Center. Third Place went to Sandra Presley of Abram Friedman Occupational Center.

2017 First Place 2017 Second Place 2017 Third
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BenjaminSavesLiteracy Outreach

Books Are Alive! is a national program designed to cultivate a respect for books and printed word. The program nurtures the seeds of a lifelong love for reading and writing. A fun adventure story and supplemental creative ideas provide avenues for practicing reading and writing skills in a fun and creative way. Key themes are emphasized throughout the children's book and the instructor-led activities, including the value of the printed word and the fascinating, cooperative process involved in creating a book or other printed material.

This program, sponsored by Printing Industries of America, is helping to sow the seeds of a national grassroots program. This widespread cooperative effort aims to keep books, reading, and printing alive and thriving.

If you say yes to any of these, then the Books Are Alive! program is for you!

  • You want to promote the value of the printed word to children
  • You want to portray your company and the printing profession in a positive manner to your community
  • You want to advocate a high public literacy rate to ensure the demand for your printed products
  • You want to nurture the future of the printed word

The Books Are Alive! program is easy and enjoyable to implement. For more information visit their website or contact Maribel Campos at 323.728.9500, Ext. 210.

Beyond garnering valuable exposure for your business, these activities benefit your industry and even our society as a whole. Your Associations (PIASC, PIA) make it easy for you to make this type of positive impact on your business and the community through the Books Are Alive! program.

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