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Packaging's Road Map of Progress: Labels
By Patrick Henry

Dan Muenzer, president of TLMI, sees innovative structural design as a “massively growing area” of opportunity for label producers. He notes that unique applications in piggyback, extended content and removable/reappliable labels tend to be invented more by printers and converters than by materials suppliers. He thinks this should spur producers to differentiate themselves by developing proprietary labeling solutions that “do something no one else can do.”
Solutions could include features that make labels “smart,” with functionality beyond print. According to Muenzer, labels with near field communication (NFC) tags that activate messaging on mobile devices are coming into wider use on premium packages.
Another technology gaining ground is augmented reality, which turns labels into gateways to multimedia experiences. Good examples, says Muenzer, are the interactive labels on 19 Crimes, a line of Australian wines in bottles that tell the grim stories of convicts transported to that continent; and labels bearing Heineken’s ubiquitous red star, used as an AR trigger for localized messaging about the beer around the world. ...(Read More)

The Impact of Digital Packaging Innovation
By Cory Francer

For the modern consumer, the shopping experience is far more meaningful than simply acquiring products, explains brand packaging consultant Mike Ferrari, founder of Ferrari Innovation Solutions. Instead, Ferrari explains that today’s consumers live in the moment, seeking out unique experiences — even when browsing store aisles.
“That will be more interesting to them, rather than something that is generic,” says Ferrari, who spent 32 years with Procter & Gamble. “Sameness is gone and consumers are looking at their products as something that speaks to them, not something that is institutional for the masses.”
Because of this shift in consumer behaviors and preference, Ferrari explains that the advantages digital printing brings to the packaging industry are becoming more prominent than ever. Brands are seeking out ways to create packaging that speaks to consumers as individuals, and using digital printing to customize and tailor content to individual consumers can create that connection. ...(Read More)

How Packaging Can Address Consumers' Sustainability Concerns
By Ashley Roberts

The majority of consumers will pay more for products in sustainable packaging — 72% of consumers to be exact. In fact, consumers are willing to pay 10-20% more for products in sustainable packaging. Peter Malmqvist, marketing director for BillerudKorsnäs presented these findings from the company's 2017 Sustainability Report during Luxe Pack New York on May 16.
Malmqvist was part of a panel discussion focused on the issue of meeting growing sustainable packaging demands. The panel was moderated by Jamie Matusow, editor-in-chief of Beauty Packaging, and Malmqvist was joined by Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni, founder and president of KoolEarth Solutions, Inc., a technical consulting firm that helps companies develop and commercialize sustainable packaging solutions, and Anne Nelson Sanford, Founder of Lurk Beauty, a luxury perfume company focused on sustainability. ...(Read More)


Blockchain101: A Primer for Printers
Join Slava Apel, a pioneer in web-to-print and cloud-based technologies, and President and CEO of, as he takes you into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and breaks down their new role in the print industry. Slava will answer the questions being asked by today’s print industry. Questions like: What exactly is Blockchain? What is it not? Where do cryptocurrencies ( bitcoin) fit it? What are the benefits of Blockchain? What are the flaws of Blockchain? How does Blockchain relate to print? What does the future look like with Blockchain?
June 14th l 9:00am PST l FREE



Entries Now Open for the Label Industry Global Awards 2018
The search is underway for the world’s leading pioneers and innovators in the label and package printing industry! Marking 15 years of Label Industry Global Awards, this year there are four prizes up for grabs at the industry’s prestigious Oscars, as the awards honor those organizations and individuals who have excelled in the label and package printing sector through innovation and best practice.

Meat processor upgrades shipping case for superior performance
Custom-cut meat supplier Chicago Meat Authority has recently switched to a new crush-resistant shipping case that also has built-in handles that make it easier to manually palletize.

Digital Printing: Breaking Through to Brands
As printers and converters across the packaging spectrum continue to adopt digital printing, brands from just about every market segment are discovering ways the technology can benefit their businesses.

Takeaways from the 2017 Social Media Marketing Report
Printers may not yet be fully comfortable with social media marketing, but it's critical that they understand the basics. Here are the primary conclusions of "2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report" just released by the Social Media Examiner to help in that effort.

Microsoft Says 'Mixed Reality' Is the Future, Not VR and AR
It's not VR or AR. Microsoft wants immersive headsets to be as common as a keyboard and mouse and the company is betting on a new concept, Mixed Reality (MR), to get there

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