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About the Annual Paper & Substrate Show

The Paper & Substrate Show was first introduced by the Advertising Production Association of Orange County (APAOC) in 1998. Marika Bristol, who was president of the association, noticed the void of a paper show in Orange County and started the venture. She grew the event during her term until 2000. Since the start of the Paper Show, 10 past presidents continued the success of the show.

After APAOC closed its group in 2015, the Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC) continued the popular annual tradition by hosting the Paper & Substrate Show. The show is exhibited by over 15 vendors and attended by print production professionals, traffic managers, printers, designers and students. Attending the show gives everyone the opportunity to grab a hold of the latest swatch books, meet the paper representatives, and view the newest trends in paper and substrates.

PIASC Paper & Substrate Show • 5800 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 400 • Los Angeles, CA 90040 • 323.728.9500, Ext. 215