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April 25th | 8:00am | $60 members (non-members $90)

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Includes Bloodborne Pathogen Training!

Cal/OSHA Safety Order Section 3400 states: "In the absence of an infirmary, clinic, or hospital, in near proximity to the workplace, which is used for the treatment of all injured employees, a person or persons shall be adequately trained to render first aid."

Printing Industries, through Occupational Safety Training Systems, is offering a four hour seminar in First Aid and CPR and one hour seminar in bloodborne pathogens. Individuals completing the training will receive national two year certification in CPR/First Aid and one year certification in bloodborne pathogens. In addition to compliance with Cal/OSHA safety requirements, this program is an opportunity to have trained persons in the workplace who can deal with basic medical situations or emergencies where well trained response may save a life.

The full 5 hour attendance is mandatory for certification so please be prompt. Casual attire suggested, such as tennis shoes, jeans, walking shorts.

Training takes place in the PIASC Training Room, inside Bank of America Building at 5800 S. Eastern Avenue, #400, Los Angeles, CA 90040

(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Symbols and Definitions – What is CPR? – Why We Train

Laws & Ethics
Am I Required to Help? – Before You Help – Good Samaritan Laws – Legal Withholding of Help – State Law and Blood

More about CPR
Myths – Don't Do This – Statistics – A Note on Vomit

Initial Assessment & Actions
STACAB – Scene Safety – Tap & Shout – Assign Help

The Steps of CPR
Compressions – Airway – Breaths

A Few More Things
Lock Jaw – False Signs of Recovery – The Emotional Toll


First Aid
What Exactly is a Heart Attack?

Secondary Assessment

Treating a Potential Heart Attack



Moving the Patient
Unconscious but Breathing – Rolling the Victim Over – Multiple Responders & Suspected Spine Injury – Recovery Position – Reloading the Victim

MASCAS & Triage

Breathing Related Emergencies
Choking – Infant Choking – Asthma – Anaphylaxis

Trauma Emergencies
Seizures – Bleeding – Shock – Sprains & Fractures – Cold Injuries – Heart Injuries – Chemical Burns


Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness

Includes training for all employees on the relevance, existence and impact of Bloodborne Pathogens within their work environment.

The course will teach:

  • how to identify, approach, and protect fellow employees from incidental contact
  • details regarding the steps to be followed in the event of a potential exposure incident
  • specific company policy & equipment put into place to address bloodborne pathogens

Flyer available to download here.


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